How to Start ?

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How to Start ?

Just a few steps to start sending push notifications with Alertyard Platform.

1- Create your account

To get started with Alertyard and start sending your alerts to your customers, you will need to create an account.

You need to go to this page to create an account, then you will be asked to enter Your Name, Username, Password, and a correct email address.
Check the Image below.

Creating an account

Then click on create account and you are done.

After that, you will be taken to your dashboard where you will be able to manage all the settings, campaigns, application, plans and more.

The Dashboard

2- Choose a suitable plan

Upgrade in Dashboard

You have to choose the plan you need to start using Alertyard platform. After creating your account you will find the upgrade now button to select a plan and complete the payment process.

Choose a Plan
Process to complete the payment

After choosing the plan and clicking on Process Payment, you will be taken to the payment gateway to complete the payment. Then you will have your account fully functional and all features ready to build you application in the next step.

3- Get to know your dashboard

After you finish the payment process, the dashboard will be fully activated and you will be able to manage anything in alertyard platform.

Dashboard Overview

In the left section, you will find several tabs that will be explained later but now you need to have a simple overview about this section.

  • Campaigns: you can create, edit and manage your campaigns. create send now, auto-responder, geo-fenced or scheduled campaigns. Also you can see some statistics for each one of them, track the views,click and CTR.
  • Applications: here you can create and manage all your applications ie: pages like that is appeared to your customers to be able to follow your offers and News.
  • RSS Auto Push: using this option will make you able to connect any RSS feed to be auto pushed to your Subscribers.
  • Devices: find all the subscribers for your applications.
  • Geo-Zone: Preset Geo zones that you can use later for automated push notifications.
  • Segments: filter your notifications by segmentingو your subscribers and give them what they want, like sending offers about outfits, latest products, offers or all, another segmentation : Shoes, tops, and t-shirts – Choose what you want.
  • Support Center: create support tickets to our support center of anything you need to ask about or to help you with.

We got your back, Just ask and we will do our best.

4- Create your application

Create your application ie: your page like  is a simple step and to make it more easy we have created a preset application to make it very easy to edit.
You just have to Go-to :
ApplicationsManage Applications – choose Main Form – then click Edit

Edit the preset application

There are many features and options to choose from when you create a new application, but we have simplified the creating process of an application in simple steps, which are:

Editing your Application
  1. Change the Title of the application.
  2. Change the Website Name to your website or your facebook page .
  3. Choose Website Domain that represent your brand like: – that will be the page that you will give to your customers to subscribe for your push notifications. Remember that you will not be able to change the website domain after you save.
  4. Don’t forget to Save Changes in the end of the page
  5. In the Integration Code tab you will find the integration codes and the hosted page which will be given to your customers.
The Hosted Subscription Page

5- Get your first subscriber

After getting your page link from the integration code tab, let’s test it.
GO-TO your page it will be like this:

The Subscription Page
  1. You will be asked to Allow sending notifications from this website, click Allow.
  2. Enter your name.
  3. Enter your mobile number
  4. Agree to the privacy and TOS.
  5. Save the Subscription.

You can change anything you want, like changing the fields required or even disable all of them, also you can disable the check box to agree for the terms and policy, in case you want to make it simpler for your customers, the choice is yours.

6- Create your first campaign

This section will be used the most, as you will be able to create several types of campaigns that will appear on your customers’ Mobiles and PC’s.

To create a campaign GO-TO
1. CampaignsNew Campaign

Creating a campaign

2. Choose campaign type
you have 5 types of campaigns :

  1. Auto Geo-Fence: campaigns for sending an auto message once a device located in a selected area.
  2. Send Now: to send a push notification immediately.
  3. Repeater campaigns: for auto sending messages in a selected date and time with a repeater times.
  4. Send On Time: for auto sending messages in a selected date and time.
  5. Auto-responder: campaigns when an action happens like new subscriber or the subscriber do an action in your website.
Campaign types

3. Choose campaign Title.
4. On the Send To select the browsers to send notifications to.
5. Scroll down and click on Campaign messages.

6. The last step is Campaign Messages

Every campaign requires those 3 fields to be sent.

  1. Campaign Title: choose a title that represent your campaign to easily manage it after.
  2. Message: write what you want to say to your subscribers.
  3. Link: put a link to your website or your Facebook page or post, the user will be directed to this link when clicking the notification.
  4. Scroll down and click Save Campaign.

If you want to add your logo and a big image please follow those simple steps

  • Click the Notification Options tab.
  • In Icon upload your logo.
  • In Big Image upload the image you want – for the best try a 2:1 in image ratio.
  • Scroll down and click Save Campaign.

To watch the Progress to your campaigns, please follow this:
Find all your campaigns in Campaigns – Campaign Center
You can check the statistics, edit, duplicate and delete your campaigns.

Campaign Center

Checkthe Notifications

On Desktop:

Push Notification on Desktop

On Mobile:

Push Notification Mobile

That will be all to start.

More tutorial will be available soon to teach you about everything in Alertyard push notification Platform.

Don’t forget that you can send us a support ticket any time and we will get it done for you.